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[24 Jul 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Sermon for the Feast of St Benedict of Nursia

The day set aside for Benedict is on Tuesday but it seems appropriate to bring it forward to today for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we can remind ourselves of Lent 2015 when we studied a little of the Rule of St Benedict, and secondly, the recent visit of Bishop Steven of Oxford and his vision for the Diocese has resonances of St Benedict also.
But let us begin with Jacob.
The name Jacob conveys much about the character of this man. He was a deceiver, a grabber, a man of ambition who cared little for any in his path. Tough, single minded, ruthless.
Through deception he had stolen his elder brothers birthright for which Esau threatened to kill …

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[3 Jul 2017 | One Comment | ]
REP NEWS – Raise your glass, the ground source heat pump is working!

Celebrations abound as the ground source heat pump is now working.
Conversion of the open source heat pump system to a closed loop system have just been completed, this was necessary because the volume of water needed for the open loop system was found to be inadequate.  The heat pump is now functioning and, just in time for the heatwave, will respond to the heating demands of the church – we look forward to feeling the effects of it in the autumn.  The gas boiler has now been switched off.
Finishing works to the north car park and piazza area can now be completed.
A huge thank you to Bruce and the REP team for the many months of …

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[22 May 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Our New Vicar, the Revd Becky Bevan

We are delighted to announce that the next Vicar of the Benefice of St George and St John will be the Revd Becky Bevan.  Becky is currently Rector of the Aldermaston and Woolhampton Benefice where she has served for the last 7 years following her curacy at St Mary’s Thatcham. Prior to her ordination in 2007 Becky had a career in book publishing as a Commissioning Editor and later as a Publishing Director.
Becky grew up in Finchley, North London, and met her husband Phillip at University in Reading where he was studying as a postgraduate Architect and Becky was studying Government and Politics. They have two children – Lydia who is in her final year at …

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[29 Apr 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Emergency Life Support Courses at St George’s

St George’s has recently installed a defibrillator at St George’s Centre.
We are trying to publicise its availability as much as possible, and, in accordance with Heartstart Thatcham, the charity which jointly funded the defilbrillator, we will be running courses in Emergency Life Support.
The first course will take place on Monday 3rd July at 7pm in the Large Meeting Room at St George’s and will last approximately one hour.  There are 18 spaces available on the course, and other courses can be arranged in the future if needed.   If you would be interested in attending this training course, or a later one, please contact the church office.

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[25 Apr 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Spring Into Easter – Photos from the Easter craft event

A couple of photos of the Easter craft event from last week, a great time was had by all, making Easter trees, chocolate truffles and cards, followed by refreshments…   


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[13 Apr 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Sermons from Holy Week – Maundy Thursday

St. Peter has always been one of my favourite disciples. He was blunt to the point, sometimes infuriatingly stubborn and often uncomprehending- rather like you and me and his statement: ‘You shall never wash my feet!’ makes him very modern.
We are embarrassed by an absolutely free gift, we only feel comfortable if what we receive is something we think we are owed, or something we think we can in some way return.  If someone stops you and offers us a box of chocolates,, our first reaction is to think: What’s the catch? This was the case in an honour and shame culture like first century Palestine, and a transactional culture like ours that privileges our autonomy …

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[27 Mar 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Sermon following the terrorist attack in Westminster

In our gospel, there is a moment in time. There was an event which happened. There was a man who was blind. But then a sudden change. No longer blind he is unable to explain what happened. There follows a tirade of urgent questions to get clarity and understanding in an attempt not to celebrate life but to limit it.
On Wednesday outside Westminster, there was a moment. There was an event which happened. There was a man driving a car. There were others going about their own business. But then a sudden change. Lives are lost or permanently scarred.
There follows a tirade of questions. What happened? What did he do? Where is he from? Why did …

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[7 Jan 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Explore the Bear Necessities of Life…  Alpha January 2017

We are currently running an Alpha course at St George’s – if you’ve got questions, why not try Alpha? 
ALPHA is a world-renowned course which gives people the opportunity to explore life’s BIG QUESTIONS and share their point of view.  We’re using the new Alpha Film Series—an updated, relevant and engaging resource designed to take you on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith.

At St George’s, we introduced Alpha in September 2015 and have run five small group courses since.   We have an Alpha course starting in Jan 2017 using the brand new films and material, featuring intrepid explorer and man of faith Bear Grylls.   You can watch the taster film from …

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[1 Dec 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
‘Christmas Starts with Christ’ Radio Adverts

If you listen to local radio station Heart Berkshire, you will hear entertaining new ‘Christmas Starts with Christ’ adverts in the run-up to Christmas.  The Berkshire Deanery has paid for these national adverts to be aired during Advent. If you are on twitter or facebook, do please help get the real message of Christmas onto social media by ‘liking’, ‘sharing’ and ‘tweeting’ these adverts if they pop up on your newsfeed.
You can listen to all the adverts by visiting www.christmasstartswithchrist.com

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[24 Oct 2016 | One Comment | ]
Newbury Community Marks A Week of Prayer for World Peace

To mark the Week of Prayer for World Peace  Muslims and Christians in Newbury and Thatcham demonstrated their friendship and solidarity by attending each other’s religious services.
Fr Paul and Howard Grace, a member of Newbury Quakers, attended Friday Prayers in Thatcham last week as guests of the local Muslim community, and Mohammad Tahir, Shahzad Nadeem along with other members of the local Muslim community joined St George’s for the Sunday service.
Fr Paul Cowan said of the event,
‘There are many events happening across th e world that can too easily generate fear, distrust and division between people of different faiths and cultures. After the tragic murder of the Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Jacques Hamel’s in northern France back in …