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[4 Jul 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
THIS WEEKEND! The Vicarage Cocktail Party!

Its that time of year again… the sun is out!  And with it comes a crashing thirst.   Luckily, St George’s has just the solution…

You are warmly invited to
The Vicarage Cocktail Party
On Saturday 16 July from 8pm until late
In St George’s Vicarage Garden, 206 Andover Road
RSVP to the church office on 01635 41249
Do take the opportunity to bring friends and neighbours along.  There are leaflets at the back of the church, why not take a couple to pass on and invite someone you know to join us.  If previous cocktail parties are anything to go by, it promises to be a really fun event.

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[29 Jun 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
Pimms and Proms at the Summer Serenade!

Do  join us for a relaxing afternoon concert complete with Pimms, Strawberries and a ‘Proms’ finale!
At St George’s Church, Andover Road at 3.30pm Sunday 3rd July.
Helen Page (violin)
Claire Haines (cello)
Sophie Glenny (clarinet)
Clive Grant
and Harmony
Tickets are £8 and include refreshments.  Buy tickets on the door or reserve on 01635 45978.

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[14 Jun 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
Street Party & Barn Dance Photos

If you missed the festivities over the Queen’s birthday weekend, or enjoyed it so much you’d like to see it again, here are a few photos of the street party in the afternoon and the evening barn dance.  To view the St George’s Morris Dancers giving it their best hanky flourish, click the link below (currently going viral on youtube thanks to Mr Brown!)  A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to the organisers and participants for a very memorable day.


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[25 Jan 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
What’s Happening Outside?

Seen the drilling kit outside the church?
Heard the noise and wondered what’s going on?
We’re on the final phase of our Renewable Energy Project and when this last bit of work is done we’ll be carbon neutral!!
Have a look at our ‘George Goes Green’ blog and follow what’s happening.

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[24 May 2015 | Leave a Comment | ]
Associate Priest to the Benefice

We have some exciting news!

After a number of false dawns over the past year, I am delighted to announce that the Revd Debbie Davison has been offered and has accepted the post of Associate Priest in the Benefice of Newbury St George and St John. She is presently completing her curacy in Wokingham and will be moving into St John’s Vicarage, Newbury at the beginning of September, subject to the usual legal requirements being satisfactorily fulfilled.
The licensing service with Bishop Andrew Proud will take place on Monday 21st September, 7.30pm at St John’s Church. Please put this date into your diary and please do keep Debbie and her family in your prayers over the coming months.

Revd. …

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[16 Mar 2015 | Leave a Comment | ]
Transept Glazing Designs – UPDATE

19th March 2015
Thank you for the speedy reply and comments on the design options (below), click here to see the decisions that PCC made on Wednesday 18th March…the short version is Option 4!
12th March – North Transept Community Meeting Room – Manifestations
Please read these notes before considering the designs…
• Health and safety requires us to have manifestations (etching) on the glass of the new transept meeting room area.
• PCC has already had an initial discussion and has decided that we need a design that offers a high level of privacy between those who use the room and those who may at the same time come into church to pray, light a candle, clean, arrange flowers etc.
• …

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[17 Nov 2014 | Leave a Comment | ]
Discerning the Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who filled in a questionniare or shared their thoughts on St George’s and our Vision Statement, thank you too to all who were able to join us for our Saturday together on 15th November.
We have some emerging themes coming out from our discernment process and they are shared below or alternatively you can watch a video of my presentation about where we’ve got to HERE.  Do have a read or listen and feel very welcome to respond with your thoughts – at the bottom of this page there is a space for sharing your thoughts with us.
Thank you,
The Emerging Themes
Belonging yet not belonging
St George’s is good at engaging with the wider community …

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[28 Aug 2014 | Leave a Comment | ]
Building Work Nears Completion!

You can keep up to date and follow the building work via our George Goes Green Blog!
Back from holiday to find the floor tiles are down! The nave has been grouted and the circular design around the chancel step is being cut with the aid of a ginormous DIY compass. With a significant part of the floor tiled you can really start to get a feel for how it’s going to look once its finished.
I’m reliably informed the underfloor heating works, handy given the recent departure of the heatwave. And what I thought was called the control panel, is actually the ‘Manifold’, but whatever its called, its all working, prompting a certain new churchwarden to …

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[15 Jan 2014 | Leave a Comment | ]
Church Lobby Work Completed!

15th January
Work began today to renovate the church lobby and to add two radiators.
Our good friend Sam Blackmore of George Law Building Contractors is back on site along with Jamie.
This is a small job that will only take a couple of weeks to complete.
At the same time various building contractors are  visiting St. George’s through January to tender for the larger Final Phase Renewable Energy Project.
3rd February
New radiators now plumbed in and the lobby is cosy and warm for the first time ever!

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[30 May 2013 | Leave a Comment | ]
PCC’s Final Phase Decisions

PCC Minutes of Monday 25th November 2013
The minutes below give a good summary of the process and decisions that the PCC made.
39.                  Chancel Floor Levels
Paul first reminded the PCC about the goals of the project: to provide a warm, welcoming church which was a gift to the community and lived up to our vision.  Its aim was to provide a resource which would be used more; and which allowed us the opportunity to be good stewards of God’s creation.
There were three options for the level of the chancel floor:

One step up throughout;
No step up throughout; and
No step up in the western half, and one step up in the eastern half.

The option of raising the chancel by …