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Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage & Funerals


If you are interested in Baptism for your child or for yourself please contact our Baptism Team (via the Church Office on 01635 41249 or e-mail) who will meet up with you to discuss the arrangements and explain the baptism service.

Baptisms take place either within the main Sunday service at 9.30am or are held separately at 11.30am on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Please rememnber that baptism is the beginning of a journey of faith rather than an end in itself. In baptism we welcome into the family of faith those who are being baptised. We’d dearly love to see you making this special service a starting point into a deepening faith and to bringing up your children within the life of the church.


Most people when they are baptised are too young to understand the promises made by their parents and godparents for them.

In confirmation young people and adults ‘confirm’, take for themselves, set a seal upon, the promises made earlier in baptism. We offer confirmation classes for both young people and adults to help them understand their faith and the choice they are taking to live as followers of Jesus Christ. Confirmations are always conducted by a Bishop.

If you would like more details about Confirmation please contact the vicar (Tel. 01635 524994).

Getting Married at St George’s

We’d be delighted to explore with you the possibility of getting married at St George’s Church! Thanks to changes in the law, there is greater flexibility about which church you can be married in. Before getting in touch, please have a look at this link to check that you are eligible to be married at St George’s.

Christian marriage is a commitment made before God and His Church, lived out in love, and honoured by all people.

There is lots of information and great tips on planning your church wedding at the Church of England’s ‘Your Church Wedding’ website.

There is initial information here about about marriage in church after divorce.

The vicar will be delighted to discuss your wedding plans with you, please contact her through the Church Office (01635 41249).

For regular Sunday and Weekday Services please see our Service Details page.


For funerals please contact the vicar (01635 524994) or Church Office (01635 41249).

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