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Wash Commoner Magazine

The Wash Commoner is the name for the Wash Common parish magazine produced by St George’s Church. Content is a mixture of church and wider parish contributions. There is also useful local information, contacts, companies, trades people and advertising.

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Magazine Contacts

You can contact the editors via e-mail magazine[at]st-george-newbury.org or by telephone on 01635 31858.

For advertising enquiries please contact magazine.ads[at]st-george-newbury.org

Details are also available on the contacts page in the magazine itself. Please replace [at] with @ to use the above e-mail addresses (we show them this way to cut down on spam!).

Wash Commoner Events Diary

Each month we publish a diary of events in and around Wash Common.

If you are organising an event that would be of interest to people on Wash Common then please send us details of your event using this form [online]

Magazine Copy Dates

2013/14 Copy Date deadlines are:

  • February issue 09-Jan
  • March issue 13-Feb
  • April issue 13-Mar
  • May issue 10-Apr
  • June issue 08-May
  • July/August issue 12-Jun
  • September issue 8-Aug
  • October issue 12-Sep
  • November issue 10-Oct
  • December/Jan issue 14-Nov


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