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Arranging a Funeral at St Georges

All funerals are opportunities for the family of the deceased to gather together to pay their last respects and celebrate the life of their departed loved one. Funerals are a very important part of the bereavement process.

A Christian funeral has a special focus, because we celebrate a life that is given to us from God. We commend our loved ones to God and his safe keeping and pray for the deceased’s family that they may be comforted in their time of loss. So amidst the sorrow there is also hope.

A Church of England funeral follows a set pattern, but there is plenty of scope to add items personal to the family. Although it is customary to have hymns, it is not essential and other suitable music can be included. A family member can give a tribute, poems can be read.

Some people chose to have a service in church, followed by a cremation. Others wish to have a burial following the service. Parishioners are entitled to be buried in the churchyard of their parish church, space-permitting. The churchyards in each of the churches in this benefice are still open to new burials.

A Christian funeral can take place entirely at the Crematorium, and our clergy often take services for parishioners at the West Berkshire Crematorium.

The cost of a funeral is handled by your Funeral Director. They will contact the church on your behalf and arrange for the payment of the church fees (around £200 for a church service followed by cremation or the whole service at the crematorium.) They will then add the church fees to your invoice.

At St George’s we have a memorial garden for the interment of ashes for parishioners or those with a close connection to the church.

What to do next…

  • Tell your Funeral Director that you wish to have a funeral service in your parish church (or a crematorium service conducted by your parish priest) and they will then contact us.
  • The Funeral Director will arrange a day and time for the funeral that is convenient for all parties involved.
  • The minister will then contact you to arrange a meeting, usually in your own home, to discuss details of the service. Please do not attempt to put together an order of service before this meeting, but do think about hymns, or other music, and what readings you would like. It is good to have other family members present for this discussion.

Further information can be found at churchofenglandfunerals.org

We are here to support you through this very difficult time so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Revd Becky Bevan 01635 524994 and Revd Terry Winrow 01635 45380

Or contact the Church Administrator for more information 01635 41249 or to leave a message.


“O God, who brought us to birth, and in whose arms we die,

in our grief and shock, contain and comfort us;

embrace us with your love, give us hope in our confusion

and grace to let go into new life; through Jesus Christ. Amen”

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