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[23 Dec 2013 | Leave a Comment | ]
Wash Common Retailers

Our Wash Common Total petrol station has now closed and work on the site has recently begun.  You may have noticed our petrol station’s moment of fame, or is that infamy, a couple of months back when the national news was highlighting the disparity in petrol prices.  Now it’s gone and we await the arrival of Sainsbury’s.  I, like many others, am concerned about the effect that a local Sainsbury’s will have on our parade of shops and particularly Budgens.  Budgens, through its manager Mike Eastlea, has been an integral part and generous benefactor to the local community over the years; I really do hope that Budgens will survive with a Sainsbury’s here too.
At almost the …

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[10 Jun 2013 | Leave a Comment | ]
Improving Family Life Across the World

Before the Family Life Programme I had lost hope, I knew I was going to die but once people supporting me I became strong.
Family Life Programme member who also has HIV
Mothers’ Union’s Family Life Programme (FLP) in Uganda is a holistic community development programme, aiming to bring together groups within communities to identify and prioritise common issues they face. It encourages communities to work as a group, developing ways to bring about change and improvements in their lives. Issues cover food security, poverty, health and sanitation, environmental protection, agricultural skills, living with HIV/AIDS and good nutrition.
The Family Life Programme is not about giving handouts. It is about helping communities identify the resources they already have to …