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[16 Mar 2015 | Leave a Comment | ]
Transept Glazing Designs – UPDATE

19th March 2015
Thank you for the speedy reply and comments on the design options (below), click here to see the decisions that PCC made on Wednesday 18th March…the short version is Option 4!
12th March – North Transept Community Meeting Room – Manifestations
Please read these notes before considering the designs…
• Health and safety requires us to have manifestations (etching) on the glass of the new transept meeting room area.
• PCC has already had an initial discussion and has decided that we need a design that offers a high level of privacy between those who use the room and those who may at the same time come into church to pray, light a candle, clean, arrange flowers etc.
• …

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[4 Mar 2012 | Leave a Comment | ]
Sandleford – A Personal View

Sandleford – a personal view
A view from an opponent to the building of 2000 homes on greenfield land
 I have to be honest, I am a late convert to the cause of Sandleford.  When I read about it in the papers, as the latest twist in the tale unfolded throughout the late naughties, I wasn’t really sure where it was.  In any event it was always written about in terms of coming bottom in the appraisal of potential development sites and more latterly as a reserve site so it wasn’t really anything to concern me.  Nor did it occur to me in evening sorties with Paul Cowan and others to the Swan and our stumbling back in …