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[5 Sep 2018 | Leave a Comment | ]
Thought for the month: Pilgrimage – Fuel for life’s hills (and inclines)

This week children are returning to school or starting for the first time, students are packing for university and families are getting back to ‘normal’.   And more generally the lull of the summer (or the child-entertainment-bootcamp, perhaps) is drawing to a close as a new term and year begins.
A group of about 30 or so from St George’s have just returned from a 4 day walking pilgrimage to Hereford Cathedral.  So for a few days, life took on a different sort of pattern.   We walked during the day and slept on church floors overnight.  Days began at 6am with tea, followed by breakfast and packing up, then a communion service before embarking on the …

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[17 Jul 2013 | Leave a Comment | ]
St George’s Walking Pilgrimage 2013

Pilgrimage 2013 – St Mary Magdalene, Langridgenear Bath to Gloucester Cathedral

There is a brief note in the current Wash Commoner about this year’s Pilgrimage, which is currently being finalised in terms of accommodation and route.
Langridge is a few miles north of Bath on the flank of the Cotswold Hills and our journey to Gloucester will cover around 55 miles walking over the 4 days with overnight stops planned in village halls along the way.
Pilgrims walk as much or little as they wish with the opportunity to sit out some walking sections on the back-up minibus, which also provides drinks and sustenance at regular intervals of 3 miles or so.
Numbers need to be finalised such that a …

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[31 Aug 2010 | Leave a Comment | ]
Oberammergau Sermons

Fr Paul’s Oberammergau Sermons from August 2010

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[18 Aug 2004 | Leave a Comment | ]
The Pilgrimage … by night!

Night One
O what a cacophony of snores filled the church. The majestic sound echoed and reverberated through its vast interior, bouncing off the beams and rafters to fill my ears with pure music and ensure that I should not sleep such an experience away. From the deep bass, reminiscent of a bull elephant trumpeting for his mate across the African bush, to the tuba playing with complete abandonment. From the trumpet doing its best to waken the dead, through every imaginable wind instrument to the little piccolo letting itself go in sheer delight at its freedom. Never before has St Peter’s been so blessed, nor have I risen in the morning with a tough day ahead …