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[26 Apr 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Sermon from St George’s Day – Very Revd Robert Grimley

I am delighted to be with you for this Patronal Festival, and I bring you greetings from Christ Church, your cathedral, the cathedral of this diocese.
For my text, some words of the risen Christ from the Gospel reading that we have just heard:
‘Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you. (John 20.21)
Today is the day traditionally known as Low Sunday, and it might seem rather hard luck to be celebrating your Patronal Festival on such a day. But in fact the name Low Sunday is a bit misleading. It might be low in the sense that it represents a bit of a come-down from the razzmatazz of Easter Day, with …

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[14 Feb 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Choose Life – Sermon, 12th February

I would like to focus this morning on the passage from Deuteronomy. The passage is part of the final address by Moses to the people before they enter the Promised Land. It is part of a manifesto for a nation and not just individuals. It asks of the people a deep and significant question – ‘What kind of society do you want to live in? What is your vision, your purpose, your core values, for without these you are lost; there will be nothing wholesome and good that will hold you together and contribute to the flourishing of a nation.’
I accept you may see differently, but I maintain I see no intention by God to enforce …

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[6 Feb 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Simeon’s Affirmation – Sermon for Candlemass

Luke 2. 22-40
I can think of events that very few people would have predicted. Even going back 30 years to the great storm of 1987 when Michael Fish famously put at rest the thoughts of a lady who suggested a hurricane was heading towards the UK. She was essentially right all along. Few predicted the victory of the Conservatives in the last election, or the Brexit vote, and especially the election of Donald Trump. Sometimes, the generally accepted view is way off beam.
I can personally remember when in 1966 I suggested that England had a good chance of winning the World Cup. I was laughed at, and an arrogant fellow schoolboy bet me £5 it wouldn’t …

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[6 Feb 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Salt & Light – Sermon from Sunday 5th February

Matthew 5.13-16
Our gospel this morning is about Jesus calling us into discipleship. The two metaphors he uses, salt and light, both describe and prescribe who we are and what we should do for, and in the world. The salt needs to engage with something else before it can do its work. The light is of no use if kept hidden. The message is one very much about engagement with, and in the world.
Last week we heard how Simeon was affirmed, here we hear how we are affirmed. To be called salt and light highlights the value and trust Jesus placed on his disciples and us to extend and participate in the mission of God.
Salt reminds us …

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[22 Jan 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Leaving Service Sermon – Revd. Paul Cowan

Isaiah 9.1-4
1 Corinthians 1.10-18
Matthew 4.12-23
3rd Sunday of Epiphany
My goodness, where on earth to start? Last week I preached for the last time at St John’s and focused very much on our journey together at St John’s over the last few years. To the congregation of St John’s who are here, please forgive me, as in this sermon I speak more so to the congregation of St George’s.
I don’t think it’s possible in these few minutes here from the pulpit to in anyway succeed in reflecting or summarising the past decade. We arrived here as a family in August 2006; Samuel was 5 and Joel 3, Hannah and I were… ten years younger than we are …

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[7 Jan 2017 | Leave a Comment | ]
Explore the Bear Necessities of Life…  Alpha January 2017

We are currently running an Alpha course at St George’s – if you’ve got questions, why not try Alpha? 
ALPHA is a world-renowned course which gives people the opportunity to explore life’s BIG QUESTIONS and share their point of view.  We’re using the new Alpha Film Series—an updated, relevant and engaging resource designed to take you on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith.

At St George’s, we introduced Alpha in September 2015 and have run five small group courses since.   We have an Alpha course starting in Jan 2017 using the brand new films and material, featuring intrepid explorer and man of faith Bear Grylls.   You can watch the taster film from …

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[24 Dec 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
Christmas Sermon

Readings: Isaiah 52.7-10, Hebrews.1.1-4, John 1.1-14
Well we’re nearly there! Only …minutes to go now to Christmas. Are you ready for Christmas? Have you got all the preparations done? Any jobs left to do when you get home? Maybe there’s still a Christmas stocking to creep into a bedroom with?
We are on the cusp of an epic moment. The Advent season of preparing, waiting, yearning, thirsting, hoping, is very nearly over. We’re here because it’s just not good enough to wake up tomorrow morning and dozily realise that, realise what??? I’ll answer that in a minute.
This moment is rather like a stumbling through the darkness of night down onto a beach. Sitting there in the gloom before …

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[5 Dec 2016 | 3 Comments | ]
My Faith Journey – Craig Brown

The Petone Baptist Church stands on Buick Street in the town where I grew up.  It’s an odd-looking building; progressive extensions have been made to the building that appear to have been added without considering that which already exists.  As architectural fusion goes, it leaves a little to be desired.
I first visited there at the age of five at the urging of my best friend, Lance Juventin.  Lance had established that if one attended Sunday School, there was a delightful old lady that would hand out smokers to the children when they left.
Now a smoker, for those of you that may not know, is a small pink, cinnamon flavoured sweet which came in a Fisherman’s Friend-like …

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[13 Nov 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
Remembrance… lest we forget!

Psalm 23
1Thess 4.13-18
John 14.1-8
In early January, just prior to leaving St George’s, I’ve been invited to go on a rather unusual pilgrimage. With about 50 other Anglican priests, I’ll be making a pilgrimage to Auschwitz, and it’s being led by Archbishop Justin Welby. It’s going to be interesting and I’m sure a disturbing visit too. In preparation for this trip, I’ve been reading a book by Laurence Rees about Auschwitz and what led up to its creation and how it operated. As you might imagine it’s a harrowing read.
As I began reading, I sat at first secure in my understanding that these atrocities were perpetrated by evil, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt people. But the book disturbed …

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[18 Jul 2016 | Leave a Comment | ]
Praying for Holiday Club

Holiday Club is less than a week away, please do remember Holiday Club, the children and the leadership team, in your prayers this week:

Please pray for the safety of all throughout the week. 
Pray for the children, that they may enjoy the week and remember some of the stories they have learned from the Bible.
Pray for their parents, that they may encourage the children in what they have learned.
Pray for all those who make Holiday Club a success; the leaders and helpers, the refreshments and registration teams, and for the youth group – Justacross.

Thank you.